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Hunua Views is a housing development situated in Drury, South of Auckland. It consists of both, one and two story houses which are priced at entry level.

Classic Developments needed a brand which reflected the target audience and diverse cultures that will make up the residence of Hunua Views. There was also a strong need for a rich overall message which enabled the marketing team to keep conversations open with the public for around 3-5 years.


Build more of life’s little moments at Hunua Views.

:: Our Approach

40 Minutes from Auckland is often seen as a negative when buying a new house in the super city. The saying is true the further out you go the more you can afford. But what if it’s not further out? It’s actually closer to so much more.

We positioned Hunua Views not 40 minutes from Auckland but only 40 minutes to Port Waikato or 20 mins to the famous Hunua Ranges. Being closer to so much more of NZ enables families to build more of life’s little moments.

This opens up a world of content and easily allows targeting messaging to different audiences with places and areas of interest in and around Hunua Views. Giving ourselves an hours drive catchment area, we explore exactly what your life can include by moving to Hunua Views. Each moment being one more reason to buy.

:: What we delivered

Creative insight/Creative direction/Place positioning/Brand identity/Copywriting/Advertising

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