Lion - Ground for Good


:: Ground for Good Coffee Cart

Lion were putting together a project in which they give back to the community. Rather than a simple donation here and there, they wanted to create a business that can regularly make donations on Lions behalf.

When we joined the project the relationship with Auckland City Mission was established. Working with them to give back to the city of Auckland by helping the homeless we wanted to create a business that operates on the streets, one that mimics small donations you might give to homeless, but do it in a way that doesn’t change peoples daily routine.

And so Ground for Good was born.

:: Our Approach

We created a coffee bike which can easily move around the city selling coffees and collecting donations for those in need. Getting a coffee on the way to work is an integral part of many Aucklander’s daily routine so we positioned the bike in places where it made it as easy as possible to make small donations every day.

:: What we delivered

Business idea/Strategy/Brand design/Tone of voice/Copywriting/Coffee bike concept, design, production and delivery