There are parts of the population that slip through the cracks of our very own society. We walk the same footpaths, share the same roads and breathe the same air, but for some it is increasingly hard to cope with life like others can. Not everyone has the choice of where they live or what career to take. Having a full time job can still land you in poverty and having a place to live can still be dangerous to your health. Feeling compassion for people who are struggling strangely makes it difficult to help, many have the desire to, but think small donations won’t make a difference.

But they do. 

Ground for Good means you can help without having to change your daily routine. Simply buy your coffee from us and we will donate $1 to the Auckland City Mission. Your daily routine can go a long way in helping those who need it most.


Ground for Good brand, art direction, copy, cart design, project management and delivery by Society.

Photos by Phil Harris


“We went to We are Society with no more than a rough idea of what we wanted to do. They worked collaboratively with us to build a brand, business and world class coffee bike (yes they actually made the bike!!) 

We are Society have an incredible mix of marketing skill and kiwi ingenuity - they stepped up to the mark and delivered above and beyond what we had dreamed of. Nothing we threw at them seemed to phase the team in the slightest! 

We were looking for a branding agency and we ended up finding a heck of a lot more! Hats off to the team. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Jack Coleman - Lion