With the irreplaceability of time, on a rolling stretch of land known intimately as the long white cloud, Mother Nature began the evolution of crafting a batch of honey so rare it may never be made again. 

It all started deep in secluded native bush, where the flow of the Pacific Ocean meets the eastern grit of New Zealand. Through countless seasons of changing temperatures, a unique combination of place, climate, time and craftsmanship came together to create something truly out of the ordinary. 

The assembly of these vital ingredients was no mistake. Rather, designed just as nature intended.

The true alchemist is the honeybee, her mysterious method kept to those within the hive. The meticulous mapping of native Manuka flowers told through a language of movement and dance. Once the secret flight path is spoken, the calculated mission for the bees begins, gathering the vital ingredient.

Now, carefully nurtured and crafted by the Hayes family, this incredibly rare, small amount of high potency Manuka Honey is available for you. But remember, with so many of Mother Nature’s ingredients coming together at the right place at the right time, you may never get the chance to experience it again.